It’s Just The Beginning

Hi Everyone! Yes, it has been a while, but I was feeling a bit off my game, and I forgot myself to find happiness in the little things. A lot of people have been asking when I was going to get back to writing, so we are back at it bringing you pictures, bringing you... Continue Reading →

Senioritis and Finals

    FINALLY, FINALS ARE FINISHED! Life: "Stop! We don't feel like working out right now." The World: "I think, I will just keep pushing forward anyway." You: "Well, there goes my week..." My senioritis has just appeared, and it made me pause. I didn't make me hesitate because I think I have all the... Continue Reading →

Half-way Through Senior Year

Senior year, WOW, I can't believe I am in my final chapter of schooling. I am still debating taking graduate classes to acquire my masters. Halfway through my senior year, I can tell you that I have definitely had my ups and downs, as does everyone. As a Resident Advisor, I had to deal with some... Continue Reading →

Take A Breath

I have been a bit MIA this semester, from my friends, my family, and most of my social media audience, so much so, that most people thought I transferred out of my college. Though there were a few social posts with spur of the moment snaps and throwbacks to the gram, for the most part,... Continue Reading →


Stress… I know, I know this is a scary topic for many. Someone recently asked me to write a post about how to manage stress, or more how I manage stress seeing as how I don’t have that much free time. To give you guys a background, my current schedule consists of: having a 19-credit... Continue Reading →

My First Concert

As many of you may know last weekend was Labor Day weekend and for me, it was the best ever.  Me and some friends, I couldn’t spend my life without, went to EZoo (Electronic Zoo)! Believe it or not, at the age of 23 this was my first concert. I have been to events where musicians... Continue Reading →

Italian Getaway: Pompeii

This is one of the most amazing historical events history has to offer. It was even more spectacular to be able to walk where they walked. This entire Roman city, Pompeii, once met with the water and was completely encased in volcanic ash and lava in seventy-nine a.d. With two thousand people dead and perfectly... Continue Reading →


There are two types of beach goers. The lucky few that believe that water is their life line and those who prefer to indulge in the art of sunbathing, and yes it is just that, an art. To look that golden and get the perfect amount of a non-life threatening sunburn glow takes skill. I am... Continue Reading →

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