First Time For Everything



BAR TACO, what can I say? This was the first visit I have had with them. I decided to visit on a hot summer afternoon with some co-workers after a spur of the moment recommendation. I was a bit apprehensive when it came to going because of the recent outbreak of Hepatitis A that they had there, but I had an entirely pleasant experience. The waiter and hostess were great and sat us quickly, granted we did have a reservation and arrived early. The food and the drinks were delicious. I had the lunch special, keeping in mind that if you want this, you will have to ask for it during the special lunch hours. This choice is definitely, the way to go if you want good food for cheap. The lunch special offers you the selection of three tacos and a gazpacho soup or a salad with a chipotle mayo dressing that has just the right amount of kick for a refreshing snack. The tacos I chose were the Baja Fish, the Portabello with Queso Fresco, and Falafel.

I also had a mojito and a glass of water, you know I have to stay hydrated. Oh, and I can’t forget about the amazing guacamole that is served with chips that you get to break apart yourself. Lately, I have been disappointed with local restaurants and their version of what a mojito should be, but I was so happy to find out this was not the case for me here at BAR TACO, the mojito and the atmosphere were both relaxing and enjoyable. They have an outside seating area that is fully covered and overlooks a small waterway that releases a cooling breeze that travels in with the winds making this a great place to kick back and relax in your free time. Happiness was discovered in having a great mojito.


So it’s official I have had my first unfortunate event of the season. Upon leaving my job and entering highway after highway and sitting behind car after car who knew that it would be me, the one that just got the new car, the one that legit worries about everything that would be rear-ended on a Friday evening, by someone who was checking their rear view for someone to hit them. I think what angered me the most is that my car was so new that I had not even had its first car payment yet and it wasn’t me that caused my first accident. This accident didn’t create an extensive amount of damage, but it definitely rattled me. I now check behind me before stopping to calculate if I should change lanes or if it is ok for me to stay put. I check my car over and over in parking lots to make sure that there are no additional marks here and there. I am now regularly checking my mirrors for erotic drivers and those that are texting or just can’t drive in general.

I have planned to take defensive driving classes not only for my insurance rates but for my own sense of security I want to know how to change the situation should I be in this predicament again. I am proud of myself, upon the accident occurring, I didn’t become hysterical, but my brain went into the investigative mode. I took a quick glance at my car before I took a photo of his license plate, registration, and a picture of the driver just in case he made a run for it. Then I started documenting the situation by taking photos of the damage to both his car and mine. The gentleman was friendly and apologetic about the situation and even offered money on the spot. I would have taken the money, but the amount offered would not have covered the damages. Happiness was discovered by being able to walk away from my first accident.

Where will happiness be discovered next?