When people think of cruise ships, I hope they think about all the fun and possibilities of what may be, that their sense of adventure sparks. I personally love cruising, it's like sampling a variety of different vacation spots. While I may not remember my first cruise, I can tell you there wasn’t one cruise... Continue Reading →

Broken Hearted

My mom has always said to me, "Love isn’t everything and that I should be able to be comfortable with myself before I try to love someone else". It wasn’t until I was 16 that I found out that it wasn’t as easy to resist the illusion of love. At that age, I was so... Continue Reading →

Italy: Rome

Last stop! Rome, ALL ABOARD! This phenomenal city has a way of seamlessly joining the past and present. There are not many places where you get right off the train and be welcomed by an arena that used to house up to 80,000 spectators back in 80 A.D.  The closest we get to that in... Continue Reading →

Italy: Florence & Cinque Terra

Florence and Cinque Terra were location two and three of our fabulous two-week vacation through Italy. Florence has stayed, by far, my favorite place to visit. With the Tuscan scenery and no lack of places to eat, it becomes one of my top places to be. Here, they have many different dishes that they are... Continue Reading →

Italy : Venice

Venice, first of 5 stops on our two-week tour of Italy. Home to streets of water, gondola rides, and super friendly pigeons. Venice comes only second to Milan in terms of cost of living, but they make it well worth it. The Venetian architect was breathtaking and very well preserved considering its consistent impact from... Continue Reading →

Semester Numero Dos

They say college gets easier as it goes on, but I am going to tell you straight up, that is a bold face lie... Every moment of my second semester in college was hard! But, I proceeded to pile more and more onto my plate. Truthfully, I must have been delusional if I ever thought, for... Continue Reading →

Semester Numero Uno

After my first year of college, living away from home, there are a few things that I have found happiness in. I have made friends, lost friends, and in the process found myself. Coming into college as a transfer student I thought, first of all, I would not meld as well as I have. Being... Continue Reading →


Hello, I'm Kaiti and over the past few years, I have been asked what do I want to be when I reach my final goal. The only answer I have ever thought of but kept secret until now was HAPPY. What has made me truly happy is helping other people be more comfortable and happy... Continue Reading →

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