My Happy Place (Part 1)

Hi everyone! It is that time again for another travel post! This vacation post takes us on a two-week vacation to Florida where I went to “Vacation Like I Mean It”, as well as, visited “The Happiest Place On Earth”. So where to start first? Well, it only feels right to start with the fabulous Disney World, as it was our first leg of the trip anyway. Something that we haven’t done in a while was driving down to Florida and while already near the edge, why not take it all the way there, right? Well, we did and we brought our cat along for the ride. Once we finally reached Florida, our trip took a total of 24 hours with the time that we needed to make pit stops, sleep, and cater to the needs of our additional passenger. We stayed at the Sheraton Vistana Resort, and I can say I loved my experience here. The room does come with a full kitchen and depending on the room you request, of course, depends on the space. We went for the two bedrooms that they offered to give everyone the space they were needed to get ready in a timely fashion. We visited Disney World about two years ago and on that trip, we tried a bunch of places that we wouldn’t have normally tried and I must say some were definitely good enough to repeat and so we did. This will be a multi-part post only because if I gave you all the info up front, this would be a mile long.


So first up, we went to Magic Kingdom! A huge thing to remember when visiting Magic Kingdom is it is almost unlike any other amusement park that I have been to. Magic Kingdom, no Disney, in general, has a way of making your entire experience immersive, including your parking experience. Magic Kingdom has a parking lot that once you park you then have to take a monorail or a boat to the actual park which is pretty awesome, but also pretty time-consuming. So a few great things to try if you have never been there and are looking for a great time is the Liberty Tavern Restaurant. This is great if you have a craving for Thanksgiving Dinner early. It is served in a buffet family-style. The restaurant is cheap as well, at about $35 dollars per person. One of my favorite rides in is Big Thunder Mountain, but this is a must ride just not right after eating. Magic Kingdom has a great way of merging old rides and new rides and you will see this in Tomorrowland. If newer rides are what fancies you then fast passes will be your best friend, as the wait times are sometimes mind-blowing, but you must be savvy to get the best of the best. When a ride time is selected you will have an hour to use them before they expire. The best part is that they are FREE! There are stipulations that you should read before choose like one big one is that you can’t have fast passes in multiple parks at a time.

In Animal Kingdom, you can’t take a monorail ride or a boat to this park but it is well worth the drive or bus ride. They have just finished the building of Pandora and a brand new Rivers of Light water show that is right in Asia’s Lagoon. Some other rides that are amazing are the Na’vi River Journey and the Avatar Flight of Passage in Pandora, which was built spectacularly, Expedition Everest in Asia, which goes backward, and Tuskers in Africa, the all you can eat buffet with flavor flair. Since this is a character dinner you will get the chance to meet and take pictures with Daisy, Donald, Mickey, and Goofy who will come around to each table to say hi.

Off to Epcot! This is truly amazing and I love everything about this park. It is a wonderful way to sample cuisine and drinks from 11 different countries. (Mexico, Norway, China, America, Germany, Canada, France, Japan, Italy, United Kingdom, and Morocco) Some countries have performances that are put on to showcase their nation’s talent. Let us not forget about the rides there. Test track, one of my all-time favorites has been upgraded and let’s not forget Soaring which has also received an upgrade.

In Disney’s Hollywood Studies, there have been some huge changes and the biggest one yet has been their brand new Toy’s Story Land. Upon entering this section of the park you are greeted by a giant Buzz Light Year Woody. There are enlarged toys all around to make you feel like you are in the toy box with all the other characters. Hollywood Studies is also in the works of building a Stars themed land for all the franchise lovers everywhere. Rocking Roller Coaster is the only Disney ride that will go upside down, but it is super-fast and thrilling. Of course, we can’t forget about the classic Tower of Terror. Although it may be scary for others, it was not a match for my 75-year-old grandmother. Happiness was discovered in one of my happiest places on earth.

Where will happiness be discovered next?