My Quarter Life Crisis:

The year of change or my 25th has marked the year of my quarter life crisis. When people hear my age, I either listen to people say “I remember my 25th”, or “WOW.” I never get the advice needed to get past the fact that I have turned 25 and the emotional society based stresses that come along with it. I have been blessed to be able to accomplish what I have in my 25 years; it hasn’t been easy, but after working hard for everything I have, I have reached the point where everyone asks themselves… “What’s next?” It all started with the realization that my birthday was six months away and I got the urge to go somewhere else and be able to let loose. The planning process began to have my first life-changing event. I decided it was going to go on my first solo trip without my family to New Orleans. Being able to schedule and explore on my own helped me absorb the history and culture of the city in an entirely different way than if I went with family. The moment that they scanned my ticket aboard that plane, I knew everything was different. This trip was going to be different; this year was different; I was going different. It took me to that moment to realize everything was changing, but it wasn’t just changing for me; it was changing for the people around me too. I think it was the moment my mom hugged me goodbye and left me at check in when it hit her. Before that, I told her constantly I was going to do things that always received that NO of disapproval, and although I would still fight back, I would eventually give in and continue dreaming — not this time. I told her about the trip. I booked my ticket and packed my bags. It wasn’t until she drove to the airport that she realized that this was happening and I was different.

At the age of 25, although I have accomplished so much, I still felt like I haven’t achieved as much as I want to. So I have started planning my life the way I want to. I have taken a new stance on time, while I am still pushing myself to my limit, I am no longer forcing myself to pass it. Pulling myself apart trying to please everyone, I forgot to make sure I was happy too so that will be discontinued that as well. I have a schedule and as far as I am concerned I am booked every day even if it is to stare at a wall and remind myself that life is good unless things are planned. At 25, I have found a new respect for myself, body, and mental health, so that will become a more prominent fixture in my mind. After going to New Orleans, I have found a new love for traveling on my own and with friends. Yes, I look forward to vacationing with family, but for me, the urge to be more independent is stronger now, and I think it may be time to make some memories on my own. I have planned more trips to explore by myself, and I have set new goals to become healthier. Although I have become happier and I plan on continuing this journey, I plan to get my life together and my apartment this year. I am prepared to work hard and strive for the things that make me feel complete. There was a time when I thought my depression would eat me whole and I wouldn’t make it to 25, Depression, caused by the constant need to be like everyone else and be where other 25-year-olds were. When I wasn’t there, things just fell apart, but this is no longer the case as I had my quarter life crisis and I am ready to conquer and endure whatever comes next!
Happiness was discovered in having a quarter life crisis and turning 25.

Where will happiness be discovered next?