10 Things You Didn’t Know About Me


Chinese Food:

What I think is by far my favorite food on the planet is Chinese food. It just has a way of comforting me when I am at my worst. Very few people won’t like it and personally, if those people that can’t find at least one thing on the menu to eat, it makes me wonder, “Can they be trusted?” Food is a bond, and it’s always nice to share that relationship with someone else. As for me my favorite meal is fried dumplings with sautéed broccoli and white rice. A little healthy, a little naughty, and all types of good.

Single Mom:

This one has been a requested topic so there will be a more substantial post on this, but as for the moment, yes, I have a single parent household. Although I still have my father in my life and I try to keep my relationship with him strong there is just something about a mother-daughter bond. I always try to see my dad as much as I can. Even though I have a single mother, I have a phenomenal support system.


Oh my, oh my! What can I say about Tinkerbell, other than she has been my favorite cartoon character than any other since I was a kid? I loved the way that Disney created a spunky sidekick that has just about the same role of the main character. She has made her brand and in a way become Disney’s next entrepreneur in having a Disney’s Fairies enterprise.

Spoiling Myself:

I always take time for myself. Meaning you also need to know what your limit is and only push yourself if you have extra stress levels to spare. I realized that unlike most people you have to take a moment to backtrack and learn what makes you tick and learn how to calm yourself. Your body is like a battery remember to recharge it.

Long-Term Relationship:

I have been in my relationship for the past six and a half years, and it has been a blast. In a long-term relationship like mine, there is a lot of compromises, and there are fights, but the biggest thing to remember is never let the other go to bed angry. You’ll never wake up in a bad mood, and it makes the first interaction happy and bright. I hope for many more years.

Credit Card Debt:

Yes, like any college student I have credit card debt. As much as I don’t want to admit it, this was because I didn’t listen to my mother. Going to college, I wanted to be entirely on my own, and of course, the credit card companies prayed on that aspect of any young mind with big eyes and I went into debt. It has not been easy to get out of it, but I am almost out of it.

Res Life:

Although I have only been at it for a semester, it has been one of the hardest and most rewarding jobs I have ever gotten. I have had ups and downs, as well as, missed out on events, but gained more experience for my career. As hard as it is, I love this job, and I can’t wait to grow both personally and professionally. Fingers crossed for a great last semester.

Being a senior at 23:

OMG? This question comes up more than a little bit when people hear that I am not 21 graduating college, but going to be 24. It can be a bit discouraging because 18 years olds are doing the same course. It is scary to know that I am going to be going to graduating school and figuring out my next steps.

Cooking and Cleaning:

When it comes to cooking food and cleaning up, I think I am like most people, that love to cook but hate to clean right after. When it comes to cleaning, in general, this is a huge thing for me. I used to be able to, but I can no longer function in a chaotic environment. There is just something about having a bright space that gives me a clear mind. Maybe there is something in Fengshui.


I was born with a rare autoimmune disease that affects the white blood cells in my body. The DNA makeup forces the muscular systems within my body to be attacked by these white blood cells thinking they are the enemies. This disease at the age of 4 left me nearly paralyzed, lacking the ability to do as much as lift my head and handle minimal tasks like bath on my own. This disease almost took my life from me. An equivalent to my condition would be Lime Disease. What didn’t kill me made me stronger. I will forever be the best person; I can be to be that changing presence in someone else’s life. After years of living with dermatomyositis, it went into remission. It did make me appreciate the short amount of time that we have on this earth, some shorter than others.

Where will happiness be discovered next?