Senioritis and Finals



Life: “Stop! We don’t feel like working out right now.”

The World: “I think, I will just keep pushing forward anyway.”

You: “Well, there goes my week…”

My senioritis has just appeared, and it made me pause. I didn’t make me hesitate because I think I have all the time in the world, but because my future is about to bum rush me, and I have no padding or protection. So, how did I know I had senioritis? I think that may be the most straightforward question I have answered all semester, other than “what is your name?”. I still mess that up at least once a week.

I knew it was inevitable, but it hit me right smack dab in the middle of a 4-hour class. You know, one of those seminars where the professor starts talking about everything humanly possible except the stuff that matters. The conversations are used to fill up the time and nothing more. Well in the middle of that class I thought, I should be using my time more efficiently. Don’t get me wrong, I respect the time and effort any professor puts in, but don’t waste time yammering on about something irrelevant when I could be spending that time on something scholarly. The pure fact that we spend so much money on our education, you would think that they would understand that. Just stay on track and free of detours, if anything let us out early. There it was, the moment all the panic set in.

The paralyzing part of the senior year was the uncertainty of me finishing this school year in the next five months. The fear of building and perfecting the ideal resume or cover letter. The fear of making a spreadsheet of your top positions or companies, or worst of all stressing to find the best ways to communicate with those job opportunities. The thought of writing thank-you notes that would make me rememberable is terrifying. I think it is what keeps me up at night, while other seniors are worried if they made it to every possible party of the semester or year. I am just over here adulting, making sure to have those business cards and preparing myself and my mind for the inevitable part of rejection that comes with the job search.

It is crucial to remember to never self-doubt, remember that rejection doesn’t define you, and it doesn’t represent your very being. It will never take away from who you are. It will empower and help you grow to do better next time. For those that have senioritis snap out of it. For those who get rejected today, remember there is always a tomorrow. Finally, those of you that don’t believe that senioritis is real or think you will never get it, it is very real. The bright side is it will never last.

So good luck on your finals, for those of you that are still taking them and best wishes for those who have to take them and have finally finished your semesters. Enjoy this super short winter break. Happiness was discovered in getting senioritis, finally finishing my finals, and starting this winter break.

Where will happiness be discovered next?

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