My Happy Place (Part 2)

40517792_261741794464775_3763811585311637504_n.jpgStop two on our two-week vacation was to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. While Disney World does take care of my need for magic and fairy tales, there was still the lust for thrill and chills that only Universal Studio and Islands of Adventure could satisfy. There were so many rides and things I wish I could do again. I did have a massive realization that I am old and it wasn’t until my third roller coaster in a row that I felt it, the start of nausea and the beginning of my body telling me I can’t be a thrill-seeker anymore. It was almost the point of no return when I realized that something in me broke and I was flung into adulthood. Oh, that thing that broke, that was my equilibrium, it was almost non-existent as I made it off the ride and to the lockers to pick up my haphazard belongings. The Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit is the ride that enviably did me in. I am not sure if it was the 90-degree vertical incline, the numerous brain teasing loops or just the sheer velocity and speed that this roller coaster picks up that really tipped the scales, but it was well worth the disorientation. Even though it made me feel super old that I couldn’t ride it twice in a row, it did make me feel on top of the world that I was still young enough to ride it at all.

Since the last time I visited Universal Studios they have done some significant improvements and renovations to both the rides they had and the rides that they recently created. My all-time ­­­­favorite roller coaster right now is The Mummy in Universal Studios. Not only does it grab enough speed for you to scream, but it also goes backwards and makes you want to scrunch down into your seat and hold on for dear life. It doesn’t make me sick and can be ridden by nearly any age, although it was a big no-no for my nana this time around. She did, on the other hand, enjoy the various shows that were put on in the middle of the streets and the 4-D motion rides where she could just sit down and watch a video where she could enjoy the ride and follow along with her seat. She thoroughly enjoyed the light snacks you could also find all around the park. Even at night, there were shows that have been added to both Universal Studios, a firework show that takes place in the lagoon,  and Islands of Adventure in Hogsmeade, where just outside of Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey at closing time you can watch Hogwarts Castle put on a show to display all the houses. The light show was just spectacular, and I couldn’t imagine how beautiful it was to have to light flash and glisten across the castle’s surface.

In The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, is something all in itself. It’s where you can buy cloaks and quills in the authentic style. Even the employees really take their roles and uniforms seriously. With the butterbeer and the crazy fun rides, I couldn’t imagine not wanting to be here. Even when I thought I had gotten enough of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, I bought myself a wand and had at it with the window displays that interacted back with you after using a bit of magic and performing specified sequence on the floor.

A great bit of fun I had, suitable for the whole family, was going to Seuss Landing. We went on the Cat in The Hat, which was not as fast as I remember it being before, The Caro-Seuss-le, where I got to be a kid again and ride the elephant, and The High in The Sky Seuss Trolley Train Ride, where each track has a different storyline, so it is worth riding it twice. There are also times where if you look around there are appearances of The Cat in the Hat and Thing 1 and 2 in all their glory, where they will put on dance parties for the kids.

We can’t forget about Krustyland. Kang and Kodos’ Twirl ‘n’ Hurl and The Simpsons Ride also must rides. They are awesome and they are surrounded by a themed land that is just great to hang in. From selling Duff Beer to having a Tacos from Bumblebee Man’s Food Truck, I would go back over and over again. Also if you have the chance to eat at Mythos in Islands of Adventure… DO IT! The food was delicious, and the drinks are the size of your head for cheaper than an 8oz drink at City Walk. Happiness was discovered in getting to act like a kid again.

Where will happiness be discovered next?