It’s Just The Beginning

Hi Everyone! Yes, it has been a while, but I was feeling a bit off my game, and I forgot myself to find happiness in the little things. A lot of people have been asking when I was going to get back to writing, so we are back at it bringing you pictures, bringing you the trials and tribulations of my adventures, and reminding you like I needed reminding to find happiness in the little things. Happiness is all over, you just have to be brave enough to go looking, it is just waiting to be discovered.


So back to the nitty gritty! A few things that you may have missed since I have been away if you haven’t been on the gram is a few travel experiences, life-changing moments, and the new realizations I have made since the summer began. There have been so many changes to my life that it has been a whirlwind. I have bought my first car! A brand new car and I couldn’t be more happy to say that she is entirely mine. I GRADUATED! Yes, so as some of you know, but many of you don’t I have officially graduated from Manhattanville College with a dual major in Communication Studies and Digital Media Production. If I wanted to, I could make my own logo on my own. On second thought, I think I will. A logo will be my goal for Christmas. I think that the scariest part about graduating was the uncertainty of what I will do or where I would end up. When I was in my final weeks of college while everyone was most worried about the perfect graduation dress and how their hair looked, I was applying for jobs and getting my resume out there. I am happy to say that I was able to find a FULL-TIME JOB with excellent benefits. I have been super lucky in my life to get the opportunities I needed to succeed.


Here is a moment of advice, when you are looking for a job first thing you should do is clean up your social media, especially your LinkedIn, and keep them current. Cater your social media to your audience. As much as you want to build your brand, there is a time and a place for it. You don’t want to force your image on a company so much so that their brand gets lost in translation. The funniest part is that while my friends told me that I fall in line too quickly to societies demands, it is just that I do what is needed of me to get things done. I am a person that goes to with the flow unless the necessity arises that I don’t. So first happiness was discovered in learning who I am.


I recently went on a trip, not just an ordinary trip, but a trip that helped me remember all the beauty there is outside of the city lights. This recent trip brought me from Arizona to Nevada to California in a week. This trip made me realize that I have lost my vision for this blog. This blog is not only a how-to guide, because that is not what I am here for. I am not here to teach you what happiness is because happiness is different for everyone. I am here to merely remind you that happiness is still in the world. That happiness will not always smack you in the face and say hello, but it could be hidden in walking back to your desk with a full cup of coffee without spilling a drop or commuting home after a long day’s work and making it there alive.

Colorado River

So for me, it was seeing so much beauty in the span of a week when I usually would have spent that week indoors all day and gone home to catch up on my shows. I was able to see the Grand Canyon and the Colorado River, I got to Walk the famed strip of Las Vegas, and I was able to see the Hollywood backlots of California. The Grand Canyon had breathtaking views that had sunsets that would rival Hawaii’s. Although most people will say it is scorching hot there, I beg to differ. While you will still need a water bottle for the extensive amount of walking and sweating you will be doing, that heat is short lived. As soon as the sun begins to set, you should definitely be prepared with long pants, a thick sweater, a possible blanket, but my most highly recommended item is close-toed shoes. This will definitely protect you from stubbing your toe on random debris that finds its way on the dirt trails. Here I discovered that I have perseverance and patience that I never thought I had. Throughout the near-freezing temperatures that quickly engulfed me while in the canyon the sunset was worth it.


As for Vegas and Las Vegas, I was grateful for the new sites of another city. There were so many different excursions and activities that I will admit I was somewhat overwhelmed. It was fun however to do the CSI: The Experience in Las Vegas MGM Grand. This was an immersive experience that really put your investigative skills to the test. Although excellent, I wouldn’t recommend for children under 8 years of age or people who are impatient, as the scenes take time to figure out. Each scenario takes about 30 mins to an hour depending on how quickly your team moves through the environment. While you can do this activity alone, I would recommend you bring a friend, it is way more fun. In California, the WB tour is a must. Definitely get the 72 Go Card city pass. I will admit it is a bit on the pricey side, but it is well worth it. You will receive discounts and entrances to theme parks and museums without an added fee. The only problem is you have to plan your time accordingly and do your research. Many places are closed during the weekend or are closed due to production schedules, so plan before you go. Happiness was discovered in putting my trip planning and organization skills together again.

Last but not least one last thing you have may have missed if you aren’t watching my social media is the fact that I now have a full-time job! Yay Me! I think the hardest part is adulting. Realizing that there are worries and problems that your parents or friends can’t help you with or the people closest to you are the problems. Through adulting, I have realized that not everyone you smile at will be your friend or like you and it is okay for this to happen. There will be the times when you have to let the people that make you feel less than aren’t worth having in your lives. It was only through adulting that I was able to realize this. I have made hard choices in life, but some of the best decisions I have made were made right before I graduated college. After graduating, I have realized my worth in the world to both people around me and myself. So throughout this blog, I will show you all the way I have found happiness, and hopefully, It will remind you to find some equivalent joys in life. With this post, happiness was discovered in growing up.

Where will happiness be discovered next?