Stress… I know, I know this is a scary topic for many. Someone recently asked me to write a post about how to manage stress, or more how I manage stress seeing as how I don’t have that much free time. To give you guys a background, my current schedule consists of: having a 19-credit course load, being a Resident Advisor, a community service scholar, an internship, a campus job, and a dance team member (Shout out to my Latin Fusion Guys and Girls). Personally, I don’t know how I do it. I huge part of staying afloat is staying organized. I think when you have so many moving components that things can and will be easily forgotten if not written down. For this reason, exactly, I have a planner, as well as, a phone calendar, a computer calendar, and a forget me not board. I love being this busy. You get in a lot less trouble when you keep busy.  When things are handed in a timely fashion you’d be surprised how much less there is involved in your day to day lives.

I have gone many days without sleep and others without a dry eye, but never without reward. Truthfully it was never the stress that got to me, but the lack of freedom that comes along with the stress. The constant feeling of being trapped, never appealed to me although I don’t know how it could appeal to anyone. Lately dealing with a lot I have been finding new ways to break stressful patterns in constructive ways that allow me to be more productive in my everyday lives. For example, I write this blog, even though I am stressed and have a billion things to do, I feel as if this is my own personal stress relief. To give back with advice for others that may be stressing about the same types of issues. Happiness was discovered in a stressful situation.

5 Things I Learned from Being Stressed:

  • Try to worry a bit less… Believe it or not, if you are determined on things they will get done. I have been there and stressed out about things that are made to happen in the future. If you do not procrastinate you should have more than enough time to accomplish everything that needs to get done.
  • Treat Yourself… This is a huge one. I realized that for me to relax I need to make sure that I either get off campus or have time to myself or people that calm me because there is only so much stress a person can build up inside them.
  • Force yourself to leave your room or your comfort zone… For me, my comfort zone is my room. Thing is if I go to school, go to work, and go back to my room I am bound to go crazy. To break this routine, I set reminders for myself that a least once a week I take two hours to myself and just relax and do something I love to do like color in a coloring book, dance to music, or watch a movie.
  • Organize yourself. Plan to make sure that you get everything is done in a timely fashion, that way things don’t just build up to a point that you can’t handle. Make sure you have a backup plan for your backup plan so you are not scrambling for a solution when things go wrong.
  • Watch and execute DIY videos. I recently participated in a program that created do it yourself stress balls. This not only took my mind away from stress last time, but I was able to keep the stress ball for later use. Remember to release the stress!

Where will happiness be discovered next?


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