My First Concert


As many of you may know last weekend was Labor Day weekend and for me, it was the best ever.  Me and some friends, I couldn’t spend my life without, went to EZoo (Electronic Zoo)! Believe it or not, at the age of 23 this was my first concert. I have been to events where musicians have played, but never in a wide scale such as this. There were so many people with the love for the same type of music dancing and vibing together. I think the funniest part besides being there was trying to figure out what to wear. I had about 20 outfit changes to and video chats just to figure out how to fit in. I finally settled on the typical shorts and cut up tee-shirt since on the way there the weather wasn’t exactly ideal. The forecast was scheduled for downpours and overcast. The craziest part is I don’t think it drizzled for more than 5 mins.

Being able to go to this concert was everything I could ever ask for. I could scratch another want off my bucket list. To not only go somewhere where there was great much and no one really cared that you were dancing to every beat the DJ threw at you, but to also be accepted by everyone no matter what you wore or how you acted. Like every concert, I saw the few people that the concert was over for them before it even started or those who were thrown over the shoulder of security because someone’s glitter got on someone’s outfit. For the most part, the concert was spectacular with performances from some of my favorite DJs, Deadmau5, Slushie, Yellow Crow, and Armin Van Buuren. If I could live this night all over again, I would. Hope you had a great weekend. Happiness was discovered in the sound waves of my first concert.

5 things I learned from my first concert:

  • Although you want to look cute and fabulous, heels are never the way to go. I did not fully make this mistake and yet, I made it all the same. I decided to wear small heeled booties. Believe me, you will never know how badly you want to chop your feet off until you make this mistake for a ten-hour concert. All the same, you want to pay attention to the weather to make sure you aren’t wearing your favorite sneakers or shoes when it rained that morning.
  • Along with watching the weather make sure you dress appropriately. Such as if it is going to above 50, wear shorts and a tee shirt because when the music starts you’re not going to be thinking about the weather you are going to be thankful you wore something that allowed you to move freely and you are not over heating in. Don’t worry when you think have I may have worn too little clothes there is going to be at least a hundred-people wearing dental floss.
  • You will have people drugged or drunk out of their minds, or offering you the same kinds of drugs they are on. If you stay as comfortable as you want to be you should be fine. Personally, I wouldn’t do it.
  • DON’T BRING MONEY UNLESS ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY! If they have a no money band like EZoo did, I would recommend using that for food and regular cards for souvenirs. I wouldn’t bring more than your ID and one card because there is a lot of fraud that happens there.
  • Portal chargers should be brought in case your phone dies after all the snapchats and instas. Don’t underestimate the use of your phone at the concert. I know I wouldn’t have wanted to miss out on all the laughs and performances.

Where will happiness be discovered next?

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