Italian Getaway: Pompeii

This is one of the most amazing historical events history has to offer. It was even more spectacular to be able to walk where they walked. This entire Roman city, Pompeii, once met with the water and was completely encased in volcanic ash and lava in seventy-nine a.d. With two thousand people dead and perfectly preserved in lava this made it simple to rediscover their everyday lives in 1748. With almost everything intact this made it a treasure trove for explorers and historians alike.

Pompeii thought to be a resort city for the wealthy, contained shops, taverns, villas, bathhouses, and, even, brothels. They had cafes in the forms of fast-food stands and streets signs that labeled every walkway and passageway that the city had to offer. The frescos in houses are gorgeous and are well preserved with the help of lava. One good thing that I did was watch the Pompeii movie. This completed the vision of life in Pompeii as it was. I get so excited about history and learning that it almost makes me want a time machine. Happiness was discovered in a city preserved in lava.


5 Things I Learned By Visiting Pompeii:

  • Sunscreen, umbrellas, and water / water-pack are going to be your best friends. Because the city is greatly preserved the lava, it isn’t perfect. Most buildings do not have roofs so there is barely any shade and the shade that is there is hard to find. Be Prepared!
  • Check train times for transit. This a huge one! I have personally missed my train because of not paying attention to the fact that everywhere, but the United States uses the metric system and military.
  • See Pompeii! This is where you can fully immerse yourself and envision a day in the life of a Roman.
  • Take Breaks! This is one of the fastest ways to get heat stroke if you don’t pay attention to the warning signs. Yes, there are water fountains within the historical complex, but with no shade and the city being almost fully out of stone is has everything you need for heat-stroke.
  • Go early or on a Sunday. On Sundays, there are some locations in Italy that will get you let you in for free. This was one of the perks of doing research. The thing is that because admission is free and a lot of people take advantage of it, the site workers limit the entrance hours and stagger them to allow everyone ample time to explore without being bombarded. So, ensure you get there early so that you can take your time!

Where will happiness be discovered next?

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