There are two types of beach goers. The lucky few that believe that water is their life line and those who prefer to indulge in the art of sunbathing, and yes it is just that, an art. To look that golden and get the perfect amount of a non-life threatening sunburn glow takes skill. I am now personally a land lover myself. I love to be able to relax and read a nice book while listening to the sound of the ocean combined with the laughter of friends. There is just something about the warm embrace of the sun as it hugs me till I am golden brown. Who doesn’t want to receive a sun kissed glow? Though, I wasn’t always a sunbather. When I was younger I would spend all day in the water and only come out long enough to reapply sunscreen, eat, then adventure back in.

I was never afraid of the ocean until I went snorkeling in Mexico a couple of years back. The fish were so accustomed to tourists feeding them and, of course, we weren’t told this fun fact. Long story short, we were greeted by some unforgiving hungry fish. Small as those fish may have been, they had a much bigger bite. Since then, I haven’t had the best of luck with the ocean.  I have been beaten with coral, stung by jelly fish, and almost drowned while being inked by an octopus. I had unknowingly stepped too close to its hide away. That was the end of the road for me. These events have led to frequent visits to the beach without any water-based fun. Recently, I have been trying to make steps that encompass my life and fears to help build me as a better person. I am now able to go into the water up to my knees. Happiness was discovered in the re-living my fears at the beach.

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5 Things I Learned From The Beach:

  • Are there lifeguards and are they attentive? One of my biggest fears of the beach is going in the ocean and floating away and not being able to be helped. Make sure this doesn’t happen to you by using a buddy system and staying vigilant of the tides.
  • Sunscreen is a must! Rocks attract heat. What is a beach but, a bunch of ground up rocks? You should reapply sunscreen about every hour to make sure you are fully covered and able to obtain that glow without that painful burn.
  • Bring plastic/ waterproof flip flops or shoes and baby powder. Washing the sand off your feet with ocean water and using baby powder for the rest of your body is a great way to rid yourself of sand without whipping a towel across your legs or vigorously rubbing sand on your skin.
  • Bring a fitted sheet! Saw this idea recently on the internet and it has truly been a lifesaver. This will either save you having sand kicked in your face or blown from those random breezes. It can also save your blanket from flying away with the same wind.
  • Another great idea if you are heading to the beach with kids is to bring a mesh hamper bag for the end of the trip. Pack all the toys in the bag and shake away!

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