Changing My Style


Let me start off by saying, it is hard to be emotionally attached to things. Though, I will not go as far as to say that I am a hoarder because I don’t wallow in any trash or broken things, but I do get attached. Recently, I started letting go of a lot of property and making sure to keep the essentials. Going to college has been a life changer for me. Living at home, I was so used to having everything I needed right at my fingertips and moving has really changed things for me. I had to get used to using things sparingly and itemizing my things to make sure I had enough.

Letting go has helped me grow and become more aware of myself and my surroundings. Although letting go I lost tons of things, it has been one of the best things for me. It enabled me to change my style and find out who I want to be and how I want my personality expressed. I started dressing in more earth tones and basing my make up schemes around that as well. I have always wanted to branch out and find my voice in my style. So I have started off by buying accents and excited to see where this new adventure takes me next. Next stop earth tones and relaxation. Happiness was discovered in a little change.

5 Things I learned Changing my Style:

  • So many things… There were so many things that I don’t use! There is no need to keep anything that you haven’t used over a year. There are only so many things that you will need to make your personality come through decorative accents. Keep it simple!
  • Don’t try too hard. There is no point is trying so hard that you lose track of who you are. Your voice should be speaking out not the objects voice.
  • Don’t clutter yourself with unnecessary items. This is something my mom has taught me. Make sure that everything you have has a purpose.
  • Look at discount bargain stores for a those must have items. I found 10 top of the line photo frames and storage baskets that all for around $20 usually would have cost me $100.
  • Start your style in college, do not finish your style in college. Just as you grow older and build so does your style. Understand that you will not need to completely discover yourself in college. There is going to be so much time for that later on.

Where will happiness be discovered next?

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