Semester Numero Dos

Tabie Germain

They say college gets easier as it goes on, but I am going to tell you straight up, that is a bold face lie… Every moment of my second semester in college was hard! But, I proceeded to pile more and more onto my plate. Truthfully, I must have been delusional if I ever thought, for a second, I wasn’t going to get overwhelmed by everything coming at me. During this semester I had 6 classes, a job, an internship, was doing community service and bartended. Just when you would think I had enough on my plate, I proceeded to apply to be an RA for this upcoming fall semester. Best decision I have ever made.

During this semester, I met this fireball. She started off as one of those faces you always saw around campus until I was fortunate enough to end up in the same communications class. In getting to know her, I learned that as different as we are, we were around the same age and both transferred in from the same college. Happiness was discovered in being a transfer student. I learned that you don’t have to have a million friends and be super popular to acquire happiness. Friendship is found in the few good people that understand that you operate a certain way and don’t try to change that unique factor about you. They are the friends that even when you clash on things, they are willing to work on a friendship rather than have it destroyed.  Without being a communication’s major and a transfer student, I would have never met this amazing soul. Follow her on Insta!

5 Core Things I Learned In The Second Semester:

  • When you have a roommate. Make sure you have strict and direct conversations in the beginning. There is a possibility that your roommate could leave his/ her dirty underwear all around or bring friends into the room at 4 in the morning when you have class at 8. You do not have to be best friends with your roommate, but make sure you guys have an understanding.
  • Dorming is definitely not for everyone. Meaning there is nothing wrong with being a commuter student. I have seen students come and go because they just couldn’t handle all the freedom and responsibility that comes from being away from their parents/ guardians. So whether it is finances or personal preference, living in a residence hall, isn’t the only thing your college experience will have to offer.
  • Cultures… This is a huge thing that you will experience in college. Being from New York and living so close to Manhattan, I was fortunate enough to be able to be exposed to all sorts of cultures and lifestyles. Coming to any college institute it is good to be open minded and know that not everyone lives, loves or learns like you do.
  • Picking your major: This is another huge step for any college student. Do not fear this step in your life. They say that you should know what your field of study and major is by the time you enter your junior year and declare it. Yet, I have seen people go their entire college career studying nursing and science and end up as fashion designers. Just because you choose a major it doesn’t mean your future is set in stone. Learn as much as you can and enjoy the time you have.
  • Lastly, and this one is personal, every single person you meet is not your friend, understand that you will have a lot and I mean a lot of acquaintances, but very few friends. How do you know if they are really your friend? Here are 3 prime questions you could use to guide you. Do they know your last name? Do they know your birthday without the use of Facebook? And are they only showing up when they need something?

Where will happiness be discovered next?

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